Contract mattresses do not need to be as ’pretty’ as domestic beds, they need to be robust and durable, and this is why we use hard wearing cottons and damasks in our collection.

Spring Options

Pocket Springs
The heart of a mattress is the spring.  Individual springs are cased in a fabric pocket and nestled together to form a unit allowing them to work independently of one another, profiling to the body shape to prevent pressure points.   With smaller diameter springs than an open coil, a pocket sprung mattress generally contains a higher spring count, in some cases as high as 2000 springs, resulting in a more luxurious sleep experience providing the user with increased levels of spinal support.  Pocket sprung models are generally expected in hotels with 4 star ratings and above.

Open coil springs
The most commonly used spring option in mattresses. Springs are arranged in rows and connected to each other by a spiral helical wire with a rod edge frame to strengthen the edge of the mattress. Orthopaedic as well as Medium gauge is available, but the finished mattresses all feel quite differently dependant on the types and qualities of fillings used.

Memory and Reflex Foam
Memory foam mattresses have become very popular in the contract market.  Memory foam was originally developed by NASA scientists and has since been recognised as an effective support medium with valuable pressure relieving properties.  Reacting to natural body warmth, it gently responds to your weight and shape, moulding to every contour providing a unique combination of support and comfort.    As an added benefit the structure of the foam does not allow dustmites to penetrate the mattress resulting in a clean environment for a healthy rejuvenating sleep. We offer an exceptionally comfortable memory and pocket combination as well as a similar mattress with a waterproof  upholstery  Foam density is very important, basically – the lower the density, the shorter the durability, therefore we only use higher density foams in our contract mattresses.  It must be noted that foam too, is subject to settlement and user weight ratio is an important factor to consider when installing into a contract environment.

Base Options

We offer 4 options of bases as listed below.  Your choice of base will have a definite effect on the overall feel of whichever mattress you choose.  All bases are available as either a deep base ( approximately 37cm ), or a shallow base on fixed wooden legs ( which have the required 8” clearance for use with a mobile hoist for disabled guests), or you may choose from black plastic contract locking legs, all available with a choice of twin wheeled castors, locking castors or glides.  To further tailor the look and style of your bed to your own bespoke requirements, and to help tie in the shades & textures of your room.

We offer base upholstery in a selection of colours and finishes.  Our stock fabrics are in Black, Chocolate and Champagne Faux leather and Chocolate , Stone and Navy Faux suede.  You can of course send in your own source 5 fabrics for upholstery, providing they adhere to the necessary fire law requirements.

Platform top 
Upholstered timber platform top base made up of a rigid, non-sprung top panel, often made from hardboard with extra reinforced slats, which serves to improve the responsiveness of the spring by providing an overall firmer feel to the divan set while offering a rigid support to give maximum hold to the mattress.

Reinforced Platform top
Constructed as above, except this option has a thick layer of MDF instead of the conventionally used hardboard.  This option should be chosen where your clientelle might be rowdier to avoid repeated misuse by guests.

Sprung Edge 
Upholstered timber base with extra reinforced slats and mounted with a choice of 13g open coil spring or pocket spring.  Considered the most luxurious option, as the springs provide even support across the whole mattress and act like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.

Firm Edge Sprung 

Constructed as above, except the base springs are nestled inside of the frame, protecting the corners.  Considered the most luxurious and robust of sprung base options, as the springs provide even support across the whole mattress and act like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.


We offer four options of drawers, as not everyone in the industry will require the same.

Domestic Beech:
Suitable for light weight linens only. Weight restriction of 3k

Domestic upholstered:
Suitable for light weight lines only, upholstered in the same fabric as the base . Weight restriction of 3kg

Contract Beech:
Manufactured to BS4875 Part 7 1985 for contract use.  Solid base and metal sides, glued, screwed and dowelled. Weight restriction of 8kg

Contract Upholstered:
Manufactured to BS4875 Part 7 1985 for contract use.  Solid base and metal sides, glued, screwed and dowelled. Upholstered in the same fabric as the base. Weight restriction of 8kg

Zip and Link Facility

This facility is available on all models.  Add versatility to your room, making two singles into a super king.  Both sides of the mattress are discretely zipped for ease of use and the bases are joined with metal linking bars are bolts.

Duo Bed ( Guest Bed )

We offer a Duo bed option ( Guest Bed ) on all models and sizes.  Each bed will come complete with a 2’6” x 5’9” mattress and metal under bed with metal locking legs which sits neatly under the main base.  The bed can stand alone in the room or up against the main bed.